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If the introduction of the personal computer has been bad for business or your company wants to implement their own system, please contact us.

Starting with consulting, we can work with you to create the perfect IT system for use in your company.

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Our Software Development Flow

Outline Project Work with you to target your intentions.
Create Specifications We will make a specification sheet based on what we gathered ※1
Quote Quote will be given based on specifications.
Check Details We will fully check customer’s intentions with the views of the person(s) using the software.
Revise Specifications Based on your feedback we will create a revised specification sheet.
Suggestions The specification sheet will be modified based on your suggestions so we can achieve your vision.
Development of Programs Once we are both agree on the specifications we will go into development.
Mid-progress Delivery At its completion, the master registration unit will be delivered and any failures to operate will be remedied.
Final Delivery
Continued Maintenance

Previous Development Examples

 Purchasing System (Language : VB6.0 D/B : Access) NEW
Function Increase efficiency and speed up purchase order creation.
Features ・Optimized search of “purchase destination selection” feature.
・Possible short-term introduction to all industries.
・Acceptance specifications on its output function.
Industry Manufacturing (medium-small size)
 Sales Management System 1 (Language : VB6.0 D/B : Oracle 9i)
Function A system to streamline delivery, billing, and check payment from orders.
Features ・Suppliers, orders, products, product configuration, employees, controlling inventory functions.
・The ability to create purchase orders, work instructions, bookings, and invoice.
・Calculation of consumption tax to customer-specific basis (with rounding).
Industry Manufacturing (medium size)
 Billing System (Language : ACCESS D/B : MSDE)
Function Software that manages and sends invoices daily from management to each customer.
Features ・Envelopes and writing are unnecessary (window envelopes used)
・Speedy customer-specific search function from the past claims.
・Accounts aggregation / balances management function and print function.
Industry Waste Processing
 Sales Management System 2 (Language : ACCESS D/B : ACCESS)
Function Make orders from estimates, ordering, receiving, streamlines work claims.
Features ・ Suppliers, ordering destination, parts, control of parts unit price.
・Estimates, invoices, purchase orders, ability to create a log of acceptance specifications.
・Sends document PDFs via email.
Industry Manufacturing (small)
Work Results & Billing System (Language : VB6.0 D/B : ACCESS)
Function Classified employee and part-time job sign up. Includes invoices, performance management and billing.
Features ・Master registration to enter data, work type, unit price for customers and employees. Customer-specific and individualized performance list. Display and output of claim content in three parts.
・Displays and prints period specific, customer-specific and individualized work aggregation.
Industry Warehouse Management
Schedule Management System (Language : ACCESS D/B : MSDE)
Function Uses an in-house network to check the process status of each part by grasping the set of progress as a stream.
Features ・Processing zone to control parts, material, etc.
・Search features such as date of shipment, department, delivery, arrangement.
・Search results form output.
・Product image, plan number and the plan of production components are matched to personnel advancing work efficiently.
Industry Manufacturing (medium size)


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