Sending an employee to Japan to work can be a very expensive investment. To protect this investment, many companies assign one of their local employees to accompany expatriates throughout the first few weeks of their stay in Japan in an attempt to ensure a smooth adjustment to life here. This can be an expensive proposition in that not only is the expatriate not fully started in his job yet, but the employee assigned to help him also can’t get any work done. Now you can hand your new employee a mobile phone (we can provide the phone too), and he will be able to get professional assistance on demand in his own language.
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JapanAid Translation Corps

A 3-pillar system covering the United States, Europe, and Asia.
24 hour coverage!

Our fee is calculated based on the original work at the time of your request!

  • Character Count: If original work is Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.
  • Word Count: If original work is English, French, German, etc.

We promise high quality output by all our bilingual native speaking staff.

The languages we cover are:

Our team specializes in localization needs for the Japanese IT market. We have almost  two decades of experience in the field and our bilingual translators and technicians are always ready to assist your needs.

English, Chinese, Korean is our focus, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Hindi (India), etc.

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Corresponding fields we’ve translated for:
Financial center in the IT (information communication technology), IR, marketing, medicine, trade, manuals, academic papers, physics, chemistry, biotechnology, construction and architecture, politics, the shareholders’ meeting proceedings, the Board of Directors provisions, employees work regulations, planning calligraphy, Internet shopping site, international conference presentation materials, Business letters, business contracts, sports, such as a movie / video subtitles, e-mail, travel industry, etc.