If you want an introduction to IT…
Wish to expand the business overseas…
Want to get a patent, or register a trademark…

Many companies find these issues to be a hassle, Planetworks Inc. is ready to help you optimize throughout the process!

 IT Consulting

If you need an introduction to computer system implementation…
Or how to take full advantage of what IT has to offer…
Or if funding is an issue…

There are many issues in the IT enterprise, Planetworks Inc. is ready to help!

PC Purchase

If you’re seeking to introduce new computers to your company or if your aren’t sure if it’s time to replace just yet. No matter the company size we can work with you to create the optimal environment for your company. We are available to work with you throughout the entire process. We will even assist with networking your new system.

IT Strategy

What solutions will help you develop the best outcome for your business?
Questions about what is the best scale of systems to use?

Our company is founded in IT and is available to make sure you get all the right answers.

Overseas Business Consulting

Many overseas companies are tying to break into Japan’s markets, we can help. We also support overseas expansion of domestic companies. We offer marketing strategy planning, market research, etc. Areas we cover include: Asia, North America, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim center.

  • Foreign Companies Within Japan

The Japanese language and customs can be a real issue but we can help you with these barriers.

You will also proceed much faster with an ally in the country.

  • Japanese Companies Overseas

We can aid those trying to open up offices and factories overseas. And we can help you navigate pitfalls when expanding abroad. We also can aid with patent and trademark registration.

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